munich face facial anatomy masterclass

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The munich face facial anatomy masterclass is a Full-Day anatomy course for medium to expert level aesthetic injectors. Since its start in 2020, hundreds of aesthetic injectors from around the globe have attended this one-of-a-kind anatomy training course with live dissections. Read more

  • Duration: Full Day, 9:00 -17:00
  • Participants: 12-20
  • Language: German or English for international guests
1.950,00  incl. 19% MwSt
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This Full-Day course consists of two hours of lectures, focusing on injection relevant facial anatomy and aging processes of the face. The rest of the day is a hands-on anatomy lab with guided injection and dissection exercises on anatomic specimens. Aim of the practical training is identification of the layered arrangement of the face and the localization of danger structures. All regions of the face will be covered, and all participants will be actively working on anatomic specimens.

You will have the opportunity to try your own injection techniques with colored filler injections to localize the material. Experienced tutors will guide through the training and help you with your dissections. There will be plenty of opportunity to answer individual questions.

Some examples of the exercises are:

  • localizations of botulinum relevant muscles
  • safe approach to temple augmentation
  • localization of neurovascular bundles.
  • investigation of the midface
  • avoiding vascular damage in Lip augmentation
  • jaw line contouring with respect to nerves, vessels and ligaments
  • cannula and needle penetration through tissue and vessels
  • liquid rhinoplasties
  • tear trough rejuvenation
  • retrobulbar hylase injections for complication management of blindness

We at munich face want to provide you with all relevant knowledge. The atmosphere of our course is very personal and trustworthy. We enjoy sharing our knowledge and it is our goal to answer all upcoming questions that arise in the course. We strongly believe that this course will make you a better injector and will reduce the chances of complications.

At the end of the course, you will be provided a certificate of attendance!