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We at munich face provide contemporary aesthetic medicine trainings to healthcare professionals.


Our goal at munich face is to make you a better aesthetic professional.

munich face covers all elements of facial aesthetic treatments with a strong focus on rejuvenation with dermal fillers an botulinum toxin. We cover basic and advanced facial anatomy, a deep dive into the facial aging process and a broad spectrum of injection techniques. We are convinced that attending our courses will make your treatments safer and more efficient.


Discover our trainings

  • April 20, 2024

    munich face facial anatomy masterclass

    1.950,00  incl. MwSt
  • March 15, 2024

    almost all on btx afternoon

    2.300,00  incl. MwSt
  • Feb 16, 2024

    my first facial filler course

    2.300,00  incl. MwSt
Science & Publications

For over a decade, Prof. Dr. Schenck and his scientific partners, Professor Dr. Sebastian Cotofana and Dr. Konstantin Frank have worked together on researching facial anatomy.

Their focus is on revealing the mechanisms of facial aging and on finding ways to treat the best and safest way, possible.


The results are described in over 90 scientific publications in the most important scientific journals.

Find a complete overview of the scientific work of Prof. Dr. Thilo Schenck here.


Relationship Between Vertical Glabellar Lines and the Supratrochlear and Supraorbital Arteries


Anatomy of the Superior and Inferior Labial Arteries Revised: An Ultrasound Investigation and Implication for Lip Volumization


Influence of Age, Sex, and Body Mass Index on the Depth of the Superficial Fascia in the Face and Neck


Lifting vs volumizing—The difference in facial minimally invasive procedures when respecting the line of ligaments


Influence of needle size and injection angle on the distribution pattern of facial soft tissue fillers


Our high quality training is based on thorough scientific work and years of improving our didactics.

We are thankful to have worked in a team of scientists, clinicians, artists and photographers to provide you an unforgettable teaching experience.